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Guitar tuition and luthier services

Learning guitar should be fun!

Based in Northampton (England), Fret Therapy was established to deliver innovative and exciting new learning methods for guitar and bass. In addition, we can provide luthier services for your instruments to help you have the best possible foundation for playing.  To learn more about our services, lessons and rates feel free to reach out.

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The Total Package

Stage in the Spot Lights

Fun Innovative Guitar Lessons

Learn with Enthusiasm

Gone are boring music lessons that you dread attending and can barely be bothered to practice for.  Our approach is to make learning music fun and we will only teach you what you need to know b based on the kind of musician you want to become.  Whether you want to be able to ply around a campfire on holiday, play in a band or be a solo performer, then we can craft the perfect learning journey for you.  Click on the Lessons page for more information.

Luthier Services

Even the oldest guitar can be rejuvenated

We can provide a number of luthier services such as new guitar set-ups, servicing for older guitars, upgrades for pickups and pots and other general maintenance. If you’re looking for someone to breathe new life into your guitar then feel free to get in touch.

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Our much loved clients and friends

Garry (52) - Guitar Lessons

I'd tried other teachers but just found guitar lessons so old fashioned and dull.  I was so uninspired and so I stopped playing for years.  Fret Therapy made learning fun and I am now progressing really quickly.

Janelle (19) - Performance

I am a songwriter and performer but was too nervous to perform.  I had 3 sessions with Fret Therapy before carrying out my first live performance.  It felt safe and they really cared about me.

George (28) - Gradings

I couldn't motivate myself to take my next music grading and so went back to basics with Fret Therapy to reawaken my love for the guitar and discover a new way to learn and practice.

Hazel (36) - Servicing

I inherited an old Les Paul from my dad but it was unplayable.  Fret Therapy gave it a new lease of life with new pickups, new pots, full servicing and cleaning.  It's a new guitar!


Hartwell, Northampton, England

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