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Band practice is not about learning songs

One mistake that beginner musicians and bands often make is assuming that rehearsal time with the group is to learn the songs.


The material needs to be learned away from rehearsal time so that when everyone is together you can focus on playing more as a band.

Not to mention you may want to change things such as keys, tempos and arrangements with the songs, which would require you already knowing it upon arrival.

I can promise you from experience that the rehearsal is far more enjoyable if everyone is prepared and can prioritise making good music and sounding tight rather than what the next chord is.

You will probably notice that there may be a few grey areas on your part that sounded fine along with the recording at home, but now in rehearsal, these have been exposed because you haven’t got the security of the recorded track to guide you through.

Rehearsal is a great opportunity to figure out these sections that may need more attention during your next solo practise session, to fix before the next rehearsal with the band.

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