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Hi, I'm Riccardo Emanuele and I'm a guitar tutor, songwriter, performer, guitar technician and all round music enthusiast.  I played in a number of locally successful originals bands in Newcastle, Sunderland, Sheffield and Northampton, as a bassist, guitarist and as a singer songwriter.  I am self-taught but recently put myself through all 8 of the Rock School gradings to develop a deeper understanding of guitar music theory.

From my experience, most adults have bad memories of learning a musical instrument when they were younger and that's mainly because the enjoyment of the learner was always overlooked for the sake of dull, unimaginative, wading through mud progress.  At Fret Therapy, I want to r take an approach where the learner's enjoyment is the priority.  We take you on a fun, learning journey, sharing the joy of improvement and providing achievable and fun targets.  We also specialise in helping you to learn how to perform, how to play with others and how to express yourself through rhythm and improvisation.  Having said all that, we do appreciate that some people do want to take grades and so we encourage you to consider the Rock School gradings as they are fun and really rewarding.  


Get in touch and schedule a meeting to start your guitar journey with us, whether it be on 6 strings or 4.

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